Membership Management

Families and individuals are the heart and soul of your organization. Managing information about them is crucial. You need a trusted system to capture information, track participation. That’s what our EaziParish is all about.

Family Profile tracking

Member Profile tracking

Family & Individual photos creation

Sacrament Profile tracking

Talent tracking & Management

Member Archiving System

Sacrament Register

Area-wise / BCC-wise retrieval of data

Issue of Certificates

Contribution Management

Track and organize your contribution details, run fundraising drives more effectively, and offer your members more ways to tithe or give. It keeps you and your members informed of their giving records and histories.

Family / Member-wise Subscription management

Church Members / Well wishers Donation management

Monthly / Yearly subscription management (magazine, membership, various subscription plans)

Facility to create multiple subscription plans

Easy managements of Parish Accounts (Optional)

Communication Management

Communication is an important tool in determining the success of your church. To be successful you need to be sure that the information you are sharing is useful and relevant to the recipients, otherwise your message will not get through.

Integrated Bulk SMS Solution

Mail IDs organizer (group-wise)

Mass Communication of Special events

Bi-lingual BIBLE SMS options (English & Tamil)

Birthday, Wedding Anniversaries and Festival Greetings

Name & Address format for mass mailing


Reporting module is designed with maximum flexibility. You can modify or create your own custom reports and export them to excel.

Standard & Dynamic reports

Dynamic search options

BCC-wise address list

Street-wise address list

Family-wise address list

Web Dashboard


Web Dashboard

Web Dashboard content ....


Salient Features

Parishes use EaziParish to simplify the tasks associated with the daily management of family and parish information.

Efficient data entry and easy look up

⦿ Personal records are grouped by family unit so last names and addresses are entered once for the whole family

⦿ Different last names or addresses can be easily changed for an individual while maintaining family relationships

⦿ Keep unlimited phone numbers and e-mail addresses for each individual

⦿ Import individual and family pictures from digital files

⦿ Quickly locate records by member id, first or last name and phone number

Powerful and easy-to-use reporting

⦿ Design your own reports with content you define to meet your immediate needs

⦿ Track contributions and contribution goals accurately, completely, and securely

⦿ You can instantly generate lists of members’ details meeting almost any practical criteria

⦿ Simply check off the families or members you want to print or enter the selection criteria. Any field available for printing in a report can be used as selection criteria

Process tailored for speed and precision

⦿ Post changes to contribution, family, and member data automatically in bulk or one record at a time

⦿ Archive inactive records and get them out of your way


Hall Booking

Church Hall may be hired and used for functions and in certain Christian denominations the Church itself is called the Church Hall.

⦿ It progress quickly, efficiently and avoid any double bookings

⦿ Manage bookings for multiple rooms in your Church Hall

⦿ Receipts for Hall booking are generated automatically

⦿ Reports can be generated

Mass booking

Church offers opportunity for people to add their personal intentions by donating money to the Church so that a Holy Mass will be prayed for their intentions.

⦿ For particular member schedule the intention and timing for Holy Mass

⦿ Receipts for Mass booking are generated automatically

⦿ Reports can be generated


Churches celebrate Harvesting festival, which reminds people of all the good things given by God. Every member of the Church brings some vegetables, fruits, flowers, grains or raises some money to their ability and it will be given to people in need. All the information about the Harvesting festival is recorded using this feature.

⦿ Record offerings provide by every individual member

⦿ Reports can be generated

⦿ Records overall collection from Harvesting festival

App Pricing


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  • Standard
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  • Support platform
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  • Premium
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